1. VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit R3.1 : 1.3 vCAT 3.0 Changes (previous release) : 1.3.2 New and Updated Components
1.3.2 New and Updated Components
vCAT 3.0 provided new and expanded coverage for architects, operators, and consumers.
*VMware vSphere®.
*VMware vCloud Director®.
*VMware vCenter™ Operations Management Suite (new):
*VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager™.
*VMware vCenter Operations Manager™ (new).
*VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator™ (new).
*VMware vCenter Configuration Manager™ (new).
*VMware vCloud Networking and Security™ (formerly VMware vShield™):
*VMware vCloud Networking and Security Edge™.
*VMware vCloud Networking and Security App™ (new).
*VMware vCloud Networking and Security Data Security™ (new).
*VMware vShield Endpoint™ (new).
*VMware vCloud Connector™.
*VMware vCenter Orchestrator™.
*VMware vSphere Service Manager™ – Cloud Provisioning (new).
*VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager™ (new).
*VMware vFabric™ RabbitMQ (new).
*VMware vFabric Application Director™ (new).
*VMware vFabric Application Performance Manager™ (new).
*VMware vFabric Hyperic® (new).
*VMware vFabric AppInsight™ (new).