Appendix D: Capacity Management : Capacity Management Manual Processes – Provider Virtual Datacenter
Capacity Management Manual Processes – Provider Virtual Datacenter
The following vCloud administrator capacity management activities include periodic planning activities supported by day-to-day operational activities. Periodic continuous improvement activities are critical to extracting the most value from your vCloud infrastructure.
Planning activities (initially monthly, then quarterly):
*Determining usable capacity by provider virtual datacenter and organization virtual datacenter (taking into account vSphere overhead).
*Reviewing current utilization.
*Reviewing provisioning timeframes for new provider virtual datacenter components (hosts, network, storage).
*Forecasting growth over the coming period (preferably based on the actual pipeline, validated with historical trending).
*Planning for procurement and implementation of additional capacity over the coming period, including bills of materials and budgets.
*Reviewing capacity alert threshold levels and setting alerts for capacity warnings.
Operational activities (daily):
*Monitoring for alerts.
*Investigating performance issues to determine whether capacity is the root cause.
*Initiating and managing the procurement and provisioning of additional provider virtual datacenter capacity.
Continuous improvement activities (quarterly/yearly):
*Comparing capacity model utilization levels to observed levels and tuning model to drive greater utilization without sacrificing reliability.
*Optimizing provisioning timeframes (shortening them and making them more predictable).