9. vCloud Infrastructure Control
9. vCloud Infrastructure Control
vCloud Infrastructure Control deals with architecture and engineering services for the underlying vCloud infrastructure. This layer includes infrastructure architecture services, infrastructure engineering services and infrastructure deployment services. Operationally, the key for control and governance in these areas is to establish, document, and implement a standardized architecture vision, and create consistent design principles and enterprise-wide blueprints for vCloud. Additional guidance on design principles and standards is provided in the Architecting a VMware vCloud and Implementation Examples documents. The following are some key topic areas that provide operational guidance.
*Architecting a VMware vCloud.
*Section 2. vCloud Architecture.
*Section 3. vCloud Management Architecture.
*Section 6. vCloud Metering.
*Section 7. Orchestration and Extension.
*VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit Implementation ExamplesSection 8. vCloud Management and Monitoring Examples.