8. vCloud Operations Control : 8.4 Event, Incident, and Problem Management : 8.4.2 Process Evolution for vCloud Operations
8.4.2 Process Evolution for vCloud Operations
To provide a robust event, incident and problem management process, automate and remove the need for manual intervention wherever possible. Evolving the process takes time and effort—work on maturing processes in stages instead of trying to do everything in a single step.
Initially, the challenge is to document and maintain the performance management processes, policies, and methods. Any tools used to assist with vCloud Event, Incident and Problem Management must be carefully selected and suitable for the purpose. All event, incident and problem management roles and responsibilities should be clearly defined.
Over time, vCloud organizations mature and become more vCloud service-focused. As a result, automated responses and analytics are necessary to help vCloud providers provide the required levels of service. As the vCloud environment becomes better understood by the analytics engine, rapid identification of events that could become incidents enables fixes to be put in place before services are affected. Initially, the fixes are manual, but with maturing processes in place, tool automation can be introduced so that future incidents can be easily identified and rectified with minimal manual interaction. Automation possibilities must be evaluated to identify other event, incident and problem scenarios that can be made more efficient. Specific Cloud KPI metrics should be identified and reported to key stakeholders.