8. vCloud Operations Control : 8.3 Performance Management : 8.3.4 Roles and Responsibilities for Performance Management
8.3.4 Roles and Responsibilities for Performance Management
The vCloud Center of Excellence (COE) model supports performance management for vCloud services and the supporting infrastructure. Depending on the size and maturity of the vCloud organization, the primary performance management responsibility lies with either a COE analyst or administrator for smaller organizations, or with a dedicated performance management individual or team within the COE. The primary responsibility is to address performance issues and quickly mitigate them when they arise. This is achieved by granting access to the performance data and metrics by means of appropriate performance health monitoring tools such as vCenter Operations Manager.
Automation and instrumentation are essential for vCloud Performance Management, and the COE analyst, COE developer, and performance management champion must be responsible for making sure that the performance management tools and processes for this automation are working effectively. Validation should be conducted by auditing the data used in the performance forecasts and the tools used for the performance plan. The goal is to automate this process as possible with minimal administrative interaction.
For information on vCenter Operations, see the latest VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite documentation (http://www.vmware.com/products/datacenter-virtualization/vcenter-operations-management/technical-resources.html).