8. vCloud Operations Control : 8.2 Capacity Management : 8.2.2 Process Evolution for vCloud Capacity Management Operations
8.2.2 Process Evolution for vCloud Capacity Management Operations
To provide robust capacity management, automate and remove the need for manual intervention wherever possible. Capacity management takes time and effort to evolve, so work on maturing processes in stages instead of trying to do everything in a single step.
Initially, the challenge is to document and maintain capacity management processes, policies, and methods. Any tools used to assist with vCloud capacity must be carefully selected and suitable for the purpose. All capacity management roles and responsibilities should be clearly defined.
Over time, vCloud organizations mature and become more vCloud service-focused. Tool automation is introduced so that incorrectly sized vCloud components can be easily identified and adjusted with minimal manual interaction. Evaluate automation possibilities to identify other capacity scenarios that can be made more efficient. Specific vCloud KPI metrics should be identified and reported to key stakeholders. Short-term and long-term capacity plans should become ingrained within the organization.
To fully integrate capacity management into the vCloud service offering, implement automated capacity management remediation to stabilize the environment and make sufficient capacity available for services. The COE should be responsible for end-to-end vCloud Capacity Management using highly optimized capacity management tools and processes.