6. vCloud Business and Consumer Control : 6.1 Introduction to IT Business Management : 6.1.1 ITBM Process Components
6.1.1 ITBM Process Components
The ITBM layer is divided into the following major subcomponents:
*IT GovernanceFocuses on financial transparency, with the ability to collect, model, and report costing data aligned to IT services. This subject area includes:
*IT Financial Management.
*Demand Management and Budget Planning.
*IT Risk Management.
*IT Vendor Management.
*Accounting and Billing.
*Consumer Management – Aligns IT services with customer requirements and makes sure that the customer catalog satisfies business requirements. It is responsible for managing customer expectations and providing customers with control and governance across the IT service portfolio. This subject area includes the following:
*Consumer Service Catalog Management.
*Consumer Management and Reporting.
*Service Governance and Lifecycle Management – Provides the methodology and control over the proposal, acceptance or rejection decision, definition, and end-to-end disposition of services and service offerings, along with governance and control over the quality of services available. This subject area includes the following:
*Service Portfolio Management.
*Service Level Management.
*Service Design and Development – Provides methodology and structure for the creation of new IT services. It enhances cost efficiency by reviewing service costs, chargeback, and metering as part of the development cycle. It also adds agility and speed when creating services by adding appropriate blueprints, and it allows for bundling and tiering of IT infrastructure resources. This subject area includes the following:
*Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering Services.
*Service Chargeback and Metering.