3. Process Maturity for vCloud Operations : 3.1 Traditional versus Maturity Models Specific to VMware
3.1 Traditional versus Maturity Models Specific to VMware
Traditional process maturity scales (ITIL, COBIT, CMM-based) focus solely on optimizing processes in the physical world and are not capable of assessing the maturity of vCloud operations environments. Assessing process maturity in a vCloud environment requires a new scale.
The following figure represents the core differences between a traditional and a maturity scale based on VMware vCloud.
Figure 4. Core Differences Between Traditional and vCloud Maturity Scales
In addition to process optimization, the scale based on vCloud focuses on process integration and automation, and the organization’s service orientation and capabilities, instead of on process optimization. The resulting maturity scale includes these elements:
*Organization capability is a measure of an organization’s ability to use resource allocation, resource knowledge, and organizational setup to support vCloud operations.
*Service orientation is a measure of an organization’s maturity and ability to align IT services with business user needs.
*Process optimization focuses on establishing and enforcing consistent, repeatable, and documented processes throughout an organization. On the maturity scale based on vCloud, process optimization is extended to the virtualization and vCloud computing stacks. In addition, process refinement is anticipated and planned for to keep up with dynamic nature of the vCloud computing.
*Process integration and automation measures the evolution of traditional IT processes and their adoption for vCloud.