4. Journey to a Mature vCloud Implementation : 4.2 Stage 2 – Service Broker
4.2 Stage 2 – Service Broker
Stage 2 is the first service-driven stage for a vCloud. At this stage, IT has transformed from traditional models and is focused on delivering business services within a vCloud environment. This represents a cultural shift within the organization. To be successful, it requires enhanced IT operational maturity, an optimized IT organizational structure, and supporting cloud management tools.
The term Service Broker implies that IT is organized at this stage to source internally and externally, such as adding external infrastructure capacity or providing access to vendor-based SaaS applications. The business is not necessarily aware of how the services are made available, but dramatically decreased development and provisioning times support business needs with increased quality of service and greater agility.
This stage focuses on:
*Alignment and buy-in from key business stakeholders.
*Creation of service governance, lifecycle and service design, and development processes.
*Providing service-based financial transparency.
*Automating and integrating tools and technology in internal and external systems.
Key capabilities for this stage include:
*Financial model and measurement:
*Usage metering and cost showback.
*Granular costing of underlying infrastructure assets.
*Educating IT customers about paying for services as an operating expense.
*Changing from project-based budgeting to demand-based budgeting.
*People and organization – Center of Excellence is established with dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable staff.
*Process and control:
*Fully integrated IT operational processes are adapted for virtualization and vCloud.
*Agile-based service design and development processes are established.
*Service-level financial transparency.
*Tools and technology:
*Services are defined and offered through an online consumer portal for self-service access to the service catalog.
*vCloud-level disaster recovery.
*Blueprint and policy-driven service development and provisioning.
*Purpose-built management tools for proactive vCloud operations.