3. Cloud Computing and VMware vCloud : 3.2 VMware Alignment to Standards
3.2 VMware Alignment to Standards
VMware continues to develop technologies that align with evolving cloud standards as defined by NIST and other global standards organizations.
vCloud solutions focus on the following areas:
*People – People who develop solutions, architect the design, operate the implementation, and consume the resources. (See Operating a VMware vCloud and Consuming a VMware vCloud.)
*Process – Processes for architects, operators, and consumers.
*Technology – Alignment with successful design, deployment, and integration considerations. VMware technologies address the relevant areas within the standards.
Standards are still evolving for private, public, community, hybrid, and other types of clouds. vCAT focuses on the most common core design areas. The technology is the same, but operations and vCloud resource consumption varies according to the type of vCloud, the type of vCloud provider, and specific consumer requirements.
*A private vCloud is operated by an organization and secured behind a firewall.
*A public vCloud is generally accessible to users on the Internet.
*A community vCloud is a specific public vCloud use case where access is limited to specified groups who share a common set of requirements.
*A hybrid vCloud is characterized by a connection between multiple vCloud instances. Typically, there is a bridge between two private vCloud instances that has a dedicated and secured connection. The underlying network resides behind an Internet-facing firewall.
As cloud computing continues to evolve, there will be many cloud definitions. The information in this toolkit is a valuable aid in support of your vCloud projects, regardless of your chosen definition.