6. Catalog Design Example : 6.1 vCloud Public Catalog : 6.1.4 Public Catalog Consumption Example
6.1.4 Public Catalog Consumption Example
At this point the service provider can start on-boarding tenants. In this example, an organization, called Org1 represents a new customer that has subscribed to the IaaS cloud this service provider offers.
This organization does not yet have a local catalog. If desired, organization administrators can create local catalogs later that can be used as private repositories for their own templates after customization.
To create a local catalog
1. Create a new user (called developer1) and assign the newly created custom role vApp user w/ Public Catalogs to this new user.
This allows the developer1 user to have access to the templates the cloud provider has shared in the public catalog.
2. The user, developer1, can deploy this template to the user’s cloud as single virtual machine, or as part of a multi-machine vApp.