4. Networking Examples : 4.4 Public vCloud External Network : 4.4.4 Design Implications
4.4.4 Design Implications
*This service provider has been providing managed compute and networking services for years developing an established process for datacenter automation. The advantage for the service provider is that the established process and automation technology can be used as a foundation.
*Although external networks can be shared between multiple organizations and organization virtual datacenter networks, service providers are more likely to dedicate an external network for each customer.
By leveraging the existing investments and established process associated with datacenter automation, the service provider is automating what vCloud Director would typically handle at the networking layer. vCloud Director uses network pools to provide Layer 2 isolation of a tenant’s virtual machines from the vApp through the physical network using VLANs, vCloud Director network isolation (VCDNI), or VXLAN.