3. Organization Virtual Datacenter Examples : 3.4 Service Provider Performance Offerings : 3.4.2 Use Case
3.4.2 Use Case
Company1 has built a new vCloud Director environment and is working on how to present options to customers for performance-based virtual datacenters. Knowing that the vCloud Director allocation models are largely reservation based, they want to determine the best set of requirements and considerations to take into account when talking to customers. They want to tailor offerings to the customer’s needs, but have not finalized the service offerings. Assumptions
*The same provider virtual datacenter backs the various allocation models.
*Storage is currently the same within the provider virtual datacenter.
*The catalog of virtual machines will vary in size.
*An elastic virtual datacenter will be used, if needed (assuming it can be used).
To develop a menu of options for customers, three levels of performance have been determined for each allocation model. These can be modified as customer needs change. Company1 defines performance categories as Low, Medium, and High. This is different from how virtual machine templates are defined (Small, Medium, and Large). The goal is to balance the machine configurations with the actual allocation model under which customers are running.