1. Overview : 1.1 Implementation Examples Structure
1.1 Implementation Examples Structure
Use the implementation examples as a reference for a specific technology or feature in the vCloud Suite to quickly find and research an area of interest. Each example is organized as shown in the following table.
Table 1. Example Layout
x.x <Example Name>
Deployment Models
Example Components
Deployment models for this technology example (private, public, hybrid, all).
The required software components and versions. For example: vSphere 5.1, vCloud Director 5.1.
x.x.1 Background
Background about a specific technology example and an overview that describes how it can be used.
x.x.2 Example
An example of the use of the technology or feature for a specific use case. The examples refer to the fictitious companies “Company1” and “Company2.”
x.x.3 Design Implications
Information to consider when using the technology or feature.
For each example, see the VMware product installation and administration guides for additional information.