1. Overview
1. Overview
Cloud computing leverages the efficient pooling of on-demand, self-managed virtual infrastructure to provide resources that are consumable as a service. VMware® vCloud® is the VMware cloud solution.
Consumers consume vCloud resources. Understanding consumption requires an understanding of an organization’s processes, constraints, and requirements. This applies both to enterprises and to service providers, with some variations depending upon use cases.
Consuming a VMware vCloud serves as a reference for infrastructure architects, managers, and end users who are considering the first steps on the journey to private, public, or hybrid vCloud computing. This document provides:
*An approach to consuming a vCloud from the consumer’s perspective.
*A methodology for choosing consumption models.
*Special considerations for:
*Developing service catalogs.
*Working with VMware vCloud® vApps.
*Interactions between enterprises and service providers.
Architecting a VMware vCloud, Operating a VMware vCloud, and Consuming a VMware vCloud are designed to be used together throughout the lifecycle of a VMware vCloud computing implementation. Using all three documents together, in combination with a private or public service definition, helps to develop a comprehensive view of VMware vCloud computing.