1. Overview : 1.1 The Auto Scaling Process
1.1 The Auto Scaling Process
Auto scaling or cloud bursting allows the infrastructure to consume resources when they are needed and return them to the pool of available resources when they are not. This serves the end user by providing the following benefits:
*Automatic response to performance or capacity incidents.
*Reduced service delivery cost.
*Reduced outages due to human error.
The automatic or dynamic scaling of an application requires that the infrastructure provide the following components:
*A programmable API-driven infrastructure.
Each of these components can be implemented using various technologies, all providing the same function for each component. The implementation used determines how the auto scaling process is triggered and carried out, but the end result is the same. The goal of the system is to allow the application or service to autonomously remain within compliance of a service level agreement (SLA). If necessary additional resources are added to remain in compliance and meet increased demand.