Appendix D: vCloud Director Upgrade Considerations : Upgrade Advantages
Upgrade Advantages
The following is a list of advantages that customers have cited as their main reasons for upgrading to vCloud Director 5.1. However, not all new features are available upon completing Phase I.
*User/tenant usability Improvements – The user/tenant usability improvements in vCloud Director 5.1 are targeted at enabling enterprises and service providers to appeal to less tech-savvy vCloud consumers, and expand to users who may not necessarily work in traditional infrastructure management roles.
*Elastic virtual datacenter – Customers can purchase a virtual datacenter of arbitrary size from a robust set of offerings and grow it at will. vCloud Director and vSphere intelligently manage capacity below a robust virtual datacenter abstraction and prevent virtual datacenters from hitting boundaries unless physical capacity is exhausted.
*Multiple classes of capacity – vApps can be deployed as multitier applications with differing infrastructure performance requirements across different tiers (for example, DB on fast storage, web tier on standard storage) within a single application construct.
*New features enabled by upgrade to vCloud Director 5.1:
*vSphere Storage DRS.
*Storage profiles.
*Virtual hardware version 9.
*Windows 8 guest OS support.
*Snapshot and revert.
*Multi-interface vCloud Networking and Security Edge supports ten interfaces that can be configured as either uplinks (external networks) or internal interfaces (facing internal networks).
*Fast provisioning support for more than eight hosts.
*Support for Google Chrome browser.
This is not an exhaustive list. Completion of all four upgrade phases is required to enable all new features.