Appendix D: vCloud Director Upgrade Considerations : Phase 1 Process : Post-Upgrade Considerations
Post-Upgrade Considerations
The following table lists post-upgrade considerations that apply after a successful upgrade of the vCloud environment.
Table 30. Post-Upgrade Considerations
Local datastores
vCloud Director 5.1 automatically adds local datastores currently presented to ESXi hosts. Disable these datastores from vCloud Director to prevent local datastores from being used by vCloud Director.
vCloud administrator
Storage profiles
All datastores that were used by vCloud Director 1.5 are placed into the * (Any) storage profile. VMware recommends that these not be changed at this stage.
Storage profiles must be configured in vCenter 5.1 before they can be used in vCloud Director.
vCloud administrator
vSphere administrator
Upgrade VMRC
vCloud Director 5.1 requires a reinstallation of the VMRC plug-in.
vCloud VMRC users