Appendix C: vCloud Suite Disaster Recovery : Using VXLAN to Simplify vCloud Disaster Recovery
Using VXLAN to Simplify vCloud Disaster Recovery
When architecting a resilient multisite VMware virtual infrastructure, always consider the use of stretched Layer 2 networks to simplify solution design and the associated recovery process. The following are the main benefits of implementing stretched Layer 2 networks:
*Ability to run workloads in more than one geographical location.
*Migration of virtual machine workloads between geographic locations.
*No need for virtual machine IP address changes when migrating between environments.
*Simplified disaster recovery when not using VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager.
*When used with vCenter Site Recovery Manager, simplified disaster recovery by not having to change IP addresses.
Even with the simplification afforded by stretched Layer 2 networks, people still tend to avoid them. The reason for this has to do with network instability that is introduced when there is a lot of latency between switching nodes on the network. Stretched Layer 2 networks also increase the failure domain radius by encompassing multiple locations. Most people do not opt for stretched Layer 2 due to the higher cost usually associated with implementation.