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7.5.2 Organization Administration Orchestration Examples
Operational tasks within the tenant’s organization can also benefit from automation. The following examples address vApp lifecycle management, such as vApp creation, configuration, maintenance, and decommission.
*Virtual machines are created in an environment using Active Directory to identify services such as authentication and printing. After deployment, the virtual machine must join the Active Directory domain. It is usually preferable to use an organization unit (OU) other than the default Computers container. vCenter Orchestrator can create the virtual machine’s computer account in the proper OU prior to virtual machine deployment so that that the computer account name is unique and residing in the proper OU. Similarly, when the virtual machine is decommissioned, vCenter Orchestrator can remove the entry in the OU as part of the same workflow.
*An organization administrator wants to manage recurring updates to a software package or configuration element across several virtual machines in a single operation. A workflow can accept a list of systems and a source for the software or configuration as parameters, and then perform the update on each system.