7. Orchestration and Extension : 7.4 vCenter Orchestrator : 7.4.4 Solution Guidelines
7.4.4 Solution Guidelines
In addition to the server configuration and the workflow design, you must have a well-controlled overall solution that includes the upper management layers and the orchestrated systems.
*Misuse of orchestrationAn orchestration engine provides automation and integration to manage complex cross-domain processes. It provides several facilities for versatility, resiliency, and auditing that would be excessive for simple operations that do not require this level of service. Do not use vCenter Orchestrator to replace single calls to the vCloud Director API.
*Control of the workflows – The systems calling a vCenter Orchestrator should have a workflow throttling mechanism adjusted according to tested maximums for vCenter Orchestrator to avoid resource starvation.
*Load balancingIf maximums are exceeded, it may be necessary to design the system to load balance the workflows across different vCenter Orchestrator servers.
*Orchestrated systems bottleneck – Use vCenter Orchestrator workflows to prevent starting too many operations at once on the orchestrated systems. Design this logic to support the defined load. Expose the parameters that have an influence on the started workload as configuration elements to be adjusted by the orchestration administrator (a parameter that determines the number of vApp clones to be processed in parallel).