5. vCloud Resource Design : 5.8 vApp : 5.8.2 Differences between vSphere and vCloud Director vApps
5.8.2 Differences between vSphere and vCloud Director vApps
An OVF section is an XML fragment that contains data for a specific function, such as resource settings, startup and shutdown sequence, or operating system type. The following is the general format of an OVF section:
<myns:MyOvfSection ovf:required="true or false">
<Info>A description of the purpose of the section</Info>
... section specific content ...
Because vCloud Director does not currently support all of the OVF sections that vSphere supports, the following sections of the vSphere vApp OVF representation are not visible to vCloud Director:
vCloud Director and vSphere support all other OVF sections. When vCloud Director ignores a section, vSphere might interpret the contents differently than if it was a native vSphere vApp. This can result in differences in behavior when operating the imported vApp in a virtual datacenter. vCloud Director removes the ignored OVF sections during a vApp download.