5. vCloud Resource Design : 5.6 Networking – Public vCloud Example : 5.6.2 Network Pools
5.6.2 Network Pools
Each organization in a public vCloud requires individual private networks. vCloud Director instantiates isolated Layer 2 networks using network pools.
Create a single vCloud Director VXLAN network pool for all organization virtual datacenter network deployments. VXLAN requires the use of a distributed switch.
Network pools handle the automated creation of organization virtual datacenter networks and vApp networks. A minimum of 12 networks is required in the network pool per organization, with 10 reserved for vApp networks and 2 used for organization virtual datacenter networks. Given the estimate of 25 organizations, the network pool should contain at least 300 networks. vCloud Director creates auto-expandable static port groups for organization and vApp networks. The maximum number of networks in a network pool is limited to 10,000 direct connect vCloud datacenter networks or 2,000 routed vCloud datacenter networks.
Figure 31. Example of Public vCloud Networking