5. vCloud Resource Design : 5.4 Organization Virtual Datacenters : 5.4.6 Private vCloud Considerations
5.4.6 Private vCloud Considerations
The private service definition requirements used in this example are from service definitions.
Table 11. Private vCloud Virtual Datacenter Requirements
Three different service offerings are required: Basic (Pay As You Go), Committed (Allocation Pool), and Dedicated (Reservation Pool).
vCloud infrastructure to support a minimum of 1500 virtual machines across the three service offerings.
Split reservation pool into small, medium, and large pools with a split of 75%, 20%, and 5%.
Each organization virtual datacenter has a specified storage limit except when using the Pay As You Go allocation model, for which the storage limit can be unlimited. For this example, no storage limit is set because the static storage values that are provided for individual virtual machines limit the number of virtual machines in the organization. To improve storage efficiency, enable thin provisioning on organization virtual datacenters.