2. vCloud Architecture : 2.2 vCloud Suite Components
2.2 vCloud Suite Components
The following table describes the components that comprise the vCloud Suite.
Table 2. vCloud Components
vCloud Component
VMware vCloud Director

vCloud API
Layer of software that abstracts virtual resources and exposes vCloud components to consumers. This includes:
*vCloud Director server (also referred to as a cell).
*vCloud Director database.
VMware vCloud API, used to manage vCloud objects programmatically.
VMware vCloud Automation Center
Enables rapid deployment and provisioning of vCloud services across private and public vClouds, physical infrastructures, hypervisors, and public vCloud providers through a secure self-service portal.
VMware vSphere
Virtualization platform providing abstraction of physical infrastructure layer for vCloud. This includes:
*vSphere hosts.
*VMware vCenter Server™.
*vCenter Server database.
VMware vCloud Networking and Security
Decouples network and security from the underlying physical network hardware through software-defined networking and security. This includes:
*VXLAN support.
*vCloud Networking and Security Edge™ gateway.
*vCloud Networking and Security App™ and vCloud Networking and Security Data Security™.
*vCloud Networking and Security Manager™.
VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite
Provides predictive capacity and performance planning, compliance and configuration management, dynamic resource metering, cost modeling, and report generation using the following components:
*vCenter Operations Manager™.
*vCenter Configuration Manager™.
*vCenter Infrastructure Navigator™.
*vCenter Chargeback Manager™.
VMware vFabric Application Director
Part of the VMware vFabric Cloud Application Platform family of products that provide automated provisioning of application infrastructure.
VMware vCenter Orchestrator™
Enables the automation of provisioning and operational tasks across VMware and third-party applications using an open and flexible plug-in architecture.
vCloud Connector
VMware vSphere Client™ plug-in that enables users to connect to vClouds based on vSphere or vCloud Director, and manage them through a single interface.

The following figure shows the relationship among vCloud Suite components. Except for gray components, components that touch are integrated with each other.
Figure 2. vCloud Suite Components