3. Orchestration (Infrastructure Scaling) : 3.1 Scaling Localization : 3.1.3 Intelligent Scaling
3.1.3 Intelligent Scaling
Intelligent scaling eliminates the drawbacks of both the fixed and scale everything dynamic infrastructure. This comes with the cost of complexity within the system itself. An infrastructure that performs intelligent scaling must consider the current state of all the components within the system in order to identify what components are responsible for the degradation of our KPI or where the service is currently over-provisioned. The system has to monitor our KPI (set point) as well as the details of the system itself (infrastructure and application monitoring).
When a KPI event occurs, the system performs an analysis to determine next steps.
Figure 9. Intelligent Scaling Flowchart
The decision flowchart for intelligent scaling has to perform the following tasks:
1. Identify a KPI violation.
2. Determine if the violation is caused by an infrastructure performance/capacity issue.
3. Localize the performance/capacity issue.
4. Issue the appropriate scaling request and scale.