VMware Virtual Machine Set Boot Order Sample Code


Copyright 2008 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Copyright 2006 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. # # This script allows users to set the boot preference for a virtual machine. This operation requires # following parameters to be specified. # vmname - Virtual Machine name # bootWith - Boot preference options. Example: allow:cd,hd,net
use strict; use warnings; use VMware::VIRuntime; use VMware::VMUtil; use Data::Dumper; my %opts = ( vmname => { type => "=s", help => "The name of the virtual machine", required => 1, }, bootWith => { type => "=s", help => "The boot preference in the following format 'allow:commaSeparatedListOfAllowedClasses' or 'deny:commaSeparatedListOfDisallowedClasses' such as allow:cd,hd or deny:all", required => 1, }, ); Opts::add_options(%opts); Opts::parse(); Opts::validate(); Util::connect(); my %filterhash = (); my $bootWith = Opts::get_option('bootWith'); my $vmname = Opts::get_option('vmname'); my $vm_view = Vim::find_entity_view(view_type => 'VirtualMachine', filter => {name => $vmname}); if($vm_view) { my $vm_config_spec = VirtualMachineConfigSpec->new( name => $vmname, extraConfig => [OptionValue->new( key => 'bios.bootDeviceClasses', value => $bootWith ),] ); $vm_view->ReconfigVM( spec => $vm_config_spec ); }
=head1 NAME
VMBootOrder.pl - Set a boot preference for a virtual machine.
VMBootOrder.pl --vmname <virtual machine name> --bootWith <bootOrderPreference>
This VI Perl command-line utility provides an interface for setting the boot order preference for an existing virtual machine.
=head1 OPTIONS
=item B<vmname>
Base name of the virtual machine.
=item B<bootWith>
With ESX3.5 you can add 'bios.bootDeviceClasses' option to *.vmx. Its value has format 'allow:commaSeparatedListOfAllowedClasses' or 'deny:commaSeparatedListOfDisallowedClasses'. For example 'allow:cd' will allow you to boot from CD only, while 'deny:net' will allow you to boot from anything except network. Supported class names are cd (for cdrom), hd (for harddisk), net (for network), and fd (for floppy). Note that option sets only list of allowed device classes, not their order - so 'allow:net,cd' and 'allow:cd,net' are equivalent.
Set the boot order preference of the virtual machine so that it boots only from the CD: VMBootOrder.pl --vmname sampleVM --bootWith allow:cd
Set the boot order preference of the virtual machine so that it boots from anything except floppy drive: VMBootOrder.pl --vmname sampleVM --bootWith deny:fd
Set the boot order preference of the virtual machine so that it boots only from either the net or the hard drive:
VMBootOrder.pl --vmname sampleVM --bootWith allow:net,hd
This utility works with VMware VirtualCenter 2.5 or later.
This utility works with VMware ESX Server 3.5 or later.

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